Moving my blog

Hey all!

I appreciate everyone’s support for JennMeyerHair.com! I have had a lot of fun starting this blog. It started off as a quick, fun way to drum up more business, but now I have been inspired to take blogging a little more seriously. I don’t want to be limited to just blogging as a way to advertise for my salon business. There are many more topics I am passionate about that I’d like to write about. Who knows if this endeavor will lead to anything, but I am willing to give a try!

TypeAMamas.com will be my new blogging home! I’ll continue with my Stitch Fix posts as well as my client haircuts & color posts. I will also be writing about my other loves. I am a new mommy so I will be discussing my thoughts and perspectives about the mommy world. I love cooking, reading, history, gardening, DIY home projects, and more. I plan to explore all of those worlds and more on this new blog.

I’d appreciate it if you all would show some support follow my new blog. Thanks and much love to you all!

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